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2012 NFL Draft Grades: Falcons Searching For Starters, Receive B- Grade

The Atlanta Falcons had to make do with what they had in this draft, with all their picked being exchanged in return for Julio Jones in 2011, getting the best player on the board was the necessity for the Falcons.

SB Nation NFL contributor Ryan Van Bibber gives the Falcons a B- grade after the 2012 NFL Draft, as the question remains, who's going to step up and play middle linebacker?

Atlanta Falcons: B-

Peter Konz was not the most exciting pick, but he was a real value in the second round. Konz will probably start all 16 games this season, and makes life easier for Matt Ryan. Jonathan Massaquoi might just turn out to be Atlanta's best pick, if his pass-rushing skills translate.

They reached on Lamar Holmes, the tackle they picked in the third round. Most teams would wait on an old school lead-blocker, but the Falcons can use Bradie Ewing. A tight end would have been a better pick.

Who is going to replace Curtis Lofton?

If you can grab a multiple starters in your draft, you've done well. So far it seems that Atlanta might only have one, can players like Holmes and Massaquoi emerge? We'll soon find out.

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