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Roddy White Argues With Himself Over NFL Player Safety Issues

Roddy White's Twitter feed has all the timeliness and lack of sensititivy that any top cable news program would - Hurricane Katrina, homosexuality and labor relations are all addressed with brutal honesty and little forethought. So it was a matter of time until the issue of player saftety, long term brain injuries and the lawsuit from among 1,500 former NFL players against the league would cross White's radar (it is NBA Playoff season, so you'll have to forgive his delay)

The train of White's thoughts stops there, either because he deleted the subsequent Tweets on the subject, or he just went back to watching basketball. The Atlanta Journal Constitution published this collection of his Tweets, which includes a published conclusion that contradicts his initial complaint, and now we're all cross-eyed:

"It’s crazy how football players are killing our game you signed up to play a violent game and made a lot of money now u talk bad about #how"

White later added: "Yes older players didn’t make what we made but I remember when gas was 89 cents so the cost of living was different. I don’t have nothing against old players they made football what it is today and I love those guys and I don’t have a problem with them suing the nfl I don’t have to worry about it the nfl has enough money to pay them."

For those scoring at home, White has approximately 4-5 news topics left before whatever he says, whenever he says it passes without any notice from fans or media.

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