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Atlanta Falcons Depth Chart Preview: The Quarterbacks

The quarterback position for the Atlanta Falcons is as predictable as any in the NFL. With Matt Ryan cemented as the franchise QB, and the ever-reliable Chris Redman as his backup there's little chance either will be unseated during training camp. It's the battle for the third spot between incumbent John Parker Wilson, and two UDFAs that will be the focal point that determines how the depth chart at QB will shape up for Atlanta.

With Redman now at 34 years old the need for Atlanta to find a long-term backup is accelerated. They're living on borrowed time behind Matt Ryan, and have to find someone they can plug in for the next decade. Parker Wilson was at one time thought to be that guy, but has looked decidedly mediocre in preseason during each of the last three seasons. This surely motivated the Falcons to pick up two QBs as undrafted free agents, to try and unseat Parker Wilson and give them some reliability.

First is East Carolina's Dominique Davis- who transferred from Boston College. Mechanically he's nothing to write home about, but he's an above average athlete who is lauded for his hard work. Davis is also very solid outside the pocket and has an above-average ability to throw on the run. He will get a chance to show what he can do in training camp, and perhaps show enough raw ability that he makes the squad.

The second is Casey Therriault who's more news story than quarterback. His life became de-railed when he became involved in a manslaughter in 2008, and has been fighting to get back on track ever since. Therriault had an impressive career at Jackson State, but faces a serious uphill battle to make an NFL roster.

When it's all said and done I think we'll see much of the same in 2012 for the Falcons at QB. That's a depth chart of Matt Ryan/Chris Redman/John Parker Wilson. Atlanta need to upgrade their reserve Qbs, but I don't think this is the year they make a change.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.