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Falcons Mini Camp 2012: Dirk Koetter Ready To 'Tweak' Offense

The Falcons in 2012 will have a new man calling the shots offensively but Dirk Koetter isn't looking for a new way to reinvent the wheel . He is looking for a way to tweak the offense and to get better results.

"We have proven playmakers at running back, at tight end, at wide receiver and at quarterback. And we've got a nice competitive situation along the offensive line. We do have a good group of guys on offense."

While meeting with the media on Wednesday, Koetter heaped praise on quarterback Matt Ryan and also explained some of his offensive philosophy. The Falcons this season will be looking for explosive plays of which he defines as any run of at least 12 yards and a pass of 16 yards.

"We want explosive plays, whether they're runs or passes," Koetter said, and then he defined his terms. "When I think about explosive plays, I mean 12-yard runs or 16-yard passes. [Those yardage figures are minimums, please note.] Next to turnovers, 12-yard runs and 16-yard passes are the biggest factors in winning. If you have eight of those plays in a game, you'll have a great chance to win."

To get those plays, Koetter wants to put Atlanta's playmakers in space so don't be surprised at all to see a variety of screen plays to people like Roddy White and Julio Jones. Fans might not recognize the screen pass at first given that it wasn't utilized under former offensive coordinator Mike Mularkey.

The pieces on offense may fit and perhaps Koetter will be the new voice that was needed to get the Falcons' offense to the next level.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.