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Saints BountyGate: Maybe A Big, Fat Deal For Drew Brees Helps The Falcons After All

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At this point, you kinda have to wonder, do the New Orleans Saints know something about quarterback Drew Brees that the rest of us don't? As we've learned, they've certainly got the propensity for information gathering (#NAILEDIT), but perhaps the sluggishness of the franchise to resign Brees that seems so bizarre to fans and media is founded on some concern for his health, durability or future.

It's just a shot in the dark. While it's certainly fun to watch, in this glorious season of Saints schadenfreude, even bickering between Atlanta's insufferable rival and the Christ child of the NFL doesn't rate that high for Falcon fan satisfaction. Any other year and rival fans would relish a rift between a franchise QB and his team, but this is the Year of the Vilma, the Wililams, the Bounty and the Wiretap (alleged, of course).

Maybe there's something legitimate as to why the team doesn't want to lock up Brees at an astronomical price for a long period. Problem is, the same nauseating overnight fan culture the franchise loves to brag on in recent years has the team over a barrel on Brees in the post-bounty era. They pretty much have to sign the guy to a monster deal to maintain support ,as evidenced by this USA Today piece.

It's just a theory, but say New Orleans signs Brees to that huge contract under pressure from all sides, and he's a shoulder, knee or concussion casualty within a season's time, and eating chunks out of the team payroll. Kinda makes a Falcon fan hope for the biggest, fattest payday possible in the next three weeks.

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