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Drew Brees Probably Isn't Going To Leave The Saints Or Holdout Of The 2012 Season, ESPN Sort Of Reports

If you're a Falcons fan commuting while reading this, don't drive off the road - if reading the Internet while driving hasn't pressed you to do so already. Yeah, we think those warnings are a little preachy, too. But don't worry, this kind of "reporting" is just as socially responsible:

WHA? As you can imagine, "Mort" has spent every moment since the above Tweet refuting the idea that Drew Brees is a lock to not re-up this week with the New Orleans Saints and then also leave or refuse to show for the 2012 season. But hey, dream a little dream!

Didn't YOU just report that, Mort? So... That's just a "possible scenario?" We like this newfound format of reporting potential dystopian futures for free agents. Very comic book-ish. It's certainly more creative than the usual "Sources" scoop-stealing.

Oh, OK. Thanks.


So this is all petty conjecture until the Monday deadline, and we - Saints fans and rivals alike - are still supposed to believe he won't be back in 2012, that there's some contingency plan featuring Chase Daniel? Gotcha.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.