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What Will Veteran Chris Hope Bring to the Falcons Secondary?

Needing veteran help in their secondary the Atlanta Falcons turned to Chris Hope, formerly of Tennessee.

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Consider yourself lucky. I'm a huge fan of bad puns, and "Hope for Falcons Secondary" was rife for the picking, but I decided it's early, it's Monday Morning... far too soon to make you endure such torment.

During the Falcons mini camp it was clear the coaching staff were excited about their prospects at multiple positions. Time and time again we saw wide receivers making big plays, with both the offensive and defensive line making waves. With all the kudos and recognition came a decidedly less chipper appraisal of the safeties, who didn't seem in step with the rest of the team.

In a move that clearly indicates the organization aren't satisfied with their safety play, the Falcons have signed ten-year veteran Chris Hope to bolster their unit, and add some much needed guidance to the young players in the organization. On it's surface the signing of Hope looks to be a stop-gap solution to a fairly large problem, and it is... but that doesn't mean the addition of Hope won't really help Atlanta in 2012.

Last season was a wash for Hope as he missed much of the season with a fractured forearm, but even prior to that it was clear the Tennessee Titans were committed to rebuilding, and as such the 31 year old veteran didn't really fit their plans. He finished the season with a pedestrian 25 tackles, the worst season of his career.

However, with Chris Hope's arrival in Atlanta he has an opportunity to return to his 2010 form; a season that saw the veteran put forth a fantastic 101 tackle season with 5 passes defended. He had experience in a solid Titans secondary, and now joins one of the better units in the league. Moreover, he's a professional, and will be able to guide the rest of the safeties, even if he's not a long-term option.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.