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Atlanta Falcons Rank 7th in 'Worst Training Camp Weather'

If you need further proof that the NFL is still dominating the sports' landscape in this country look no further than the Weather Channel who ran a story yesterday on the worst spots for training camp from a weather spandpoint. Understandably the NFC South was heavily featured with all four teams ranking in the top 10 for the worst weather in the league. Carolina were 9th, New Orleans was 4th, and Tampa Bay was 3rd-- but it was the Falcons who slotted in nicely at 7th.

In speaking about Flowery Branch, GA the fine folks of meteorology cite a low rainfall as a key reason for the heat.

The conditions in Flowery Branch tend to be very warm and muggy. Typically, the only relief is the afternoon thunderstorm as cold fronts rarely make it down to Georgia intact. Monthly precipitation totals for July and August are typically a modest 4.22 inches and 4.39 inches

I'll confess I've never been down to Falcons' camp, but in talking to those who attend regularly I hear typical stories of sweltering heat, poor shade, and high humidity. It's a fairly common theme around the NFC South with all four teams electing to hold outdoor training camps in the Southern heat.

The Houston Texans and Miami Dolphins led the rankings for obvious reasons, while the Dallas Cowboys didn't even rank as the Weather Channel acknowledged their indoor training camp rendered the rankings null and void.

If you're heading down to camp later this week remember to pack the sunsscreen, plenty of water, and find whatever shade possible. This is time for the players to bust their butts, not the fans!

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.