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Falcons With Very Little Cap Room Remaining For 2012

The Atlanta Falcons won't be too keen on spending any money this season as their 2012 payroll is filled to the brim. The Falcons have committed $118 million of the possible $121 million salary cap for the 2012 season and unless injuries hit the Falcons, there isn't an expectation for the Falcons to acquire any players for the season.

Here is a breakout of the 2012 payrolls and the 2013 projected payrolls for each of the NFC South teams.

2012 remaining payroll for NFC South teams

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: $15.2 million
New Orleans has $8.8 million
Carolina is $8.5 million
Falcons are at $2.97 million

2013 projected payroll for NFC South teams

New Orleans Saints: $141.1 million committed
Carolina Panthers: $131 million committed
Atlanta Falcons: $116 million committed
Tampa Bay Buccaneers: $116 million committed

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.