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Hawks Vs. Grizzlies: Already The Foolishness Begins

Here’s a tip: If you seriously talk about/comment on the Hawks, do not do what the Sting just did on Hawks’ Live pregame. When asked about the Hawks’ additions this offseason, he talked up how the Hawks got “bigger and stronger” on the inside, after “they got pushed around a lot” last year. I’m not sure that adding Etan Thomas and Josh Powell is something that we, as Hawks’ fans, should be particularly proud of. The fourth and fifth bodies in the post rotation will hopefully have very limited impact on the season, and you really don’t need to upgrade when you have an All-Star center and a fringe All-star PF.

What the Hawks did this offseason was avoid taking a large step backward. The most significant change, the only significant change, was in the man sitting at the far end of the bench. There’s nothing significant to talk about in terms of player personnel movement from last year for the Hawks.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.