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Quick Reaction To The Al Horford Extension

First glance here, this looks great for all parties. Al Horford gets his long term security guaranteed, and this deal is really similar to what Josh Smith signed two offseasons ago (5 Years, $58 million). Yes, it’s more, but that’s just the upward correct of increasing player salaries. Having similar contracts for both of your young frontcourt stars looks really good on paper, and the Hawks have successfully managed to avoid overpaying for either.

Horford, like virtually every good young player, was an absolutely steal on his rookie deal. This extension retains him at well below max value. Al is already an All-Star in this league and is still improve as a player, and the coaching change has helped increase his impact on the team by utilizing him more. At age 24, he’s only getting better. Last year, he was already top ten in Win Shares and Win Shares/48. Horford will be making $12 million/year while comparable players in value are making $19 million (Dirk Nowitzki), $13 million (Chauncy Billups), and $18 million (Chris Bosh). Solid deal for the Hawks, and reason to rejoice in the ATL.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.