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Georgia-Clemson Rivalry, Celtics-Hawks Riva-, And Christmas For Hoops Fans: Around The Perimeter

Dawgs: Shakin The Southland, our widely acclaimed (for realsies) Clemson Tigers community, interviews Kyle King of Dawg Sports on the classic rivalry between the Tigers and the Georgia Bulldogs. At home base, Kyle makes the case for Georgia opening its 2015 season against Clemson in the Chick Fil A Kickoff Game, putting a rubber match on the teams' scheduled home-and-home spanning the two years prior.


Dawgs and Jackets: The Dagger has put together a list of Christmas gifts for every major-conference basketball team, and there isn't a Tech or UGA fan in the house that won't immediately agree with what he's listed for our local programs.


Hawks: After years of observing it being conducted on the internet, let me see if I've got this down: THERE AH NO SPATS TEAMS WHO SHOULD EVA CALL THEMSELVES RIVAS OF OWAH SPATS TEAMS, NO ONE DENIES THIS. That's a very poor effort, and you've seen it done much better elsewhere by trained professionals, but this is being written so very early in the morning and I'm just now overcoming the Eastern Washington red turf thumping in my head.


Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.