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Joe Johnson Is Just Trying To Save You, Delonte West: Photo Of The Day


This one isn't from last night's Hawks win; I found it while looking for more photos we could use for the Atlanta Spirit Group story, though not many photos could be more perfect than Joe Johnson in an expensive suit. This one is from an Atlanta Hawks-Cleveland Cavaliers game last year.


One theory: Delonte West has been shot in the thigh, and the basketball bullet is embedded deep in his leg. Dr. Johnson knows of the many veins and whatever that have been punctured by the basketball, and that time is short, but you can see on his face that he knows how badly this is hurting West.


However, I showed my wife this picture, and she thought West just looked like he's extremely ticklish. In that case, Johnson is just trying to extricate the ball from West as quickly as possible because who would want to be seen tickling another bro in public? Johnson's upcurled lip does seem to suggest how awkward this all is. I think I like this explanation more.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.