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Jamal Crawford Addresses Contract Extension Request At Media Day

Over the summer, Jamal Crawford caused a bit of a stir when rumors about his demanding either a trade or contract extension circulated. He arrived at Hawks media day yesterday, however, despite not having either request granted. Sekou Smith of has more:

That doesn’t mean he’s abandoned his request for an extension or a trade, if that extension is not possible with the Hawks. He absolutely has not.

But in a show of sincerity, he came to camp to make sure to set the record straight about exactly what it is he’s asking for.

“I wasn’t close to not coming or anything but it was hard to get on that plane and come here,” Crawford said, repeating the word “hard” five times to make his point.

Smith reports that two teams have made “serious” trade offers to the Hawks for Crawford, but both were turned down.

Meanwhile, Crawford told Michael Cunningham of the Atlanta Journal Constitution he plans to “be patient and go with the flow” regarding his possible future with the Hawks. Crawford will earn $10.1 million this year, the last of his contract, but wants long-term financial security prior to hitting free agency next summer.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.