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Josh Smith Looking To Be Traded From Hawks, According To Report

Atlanta Hawks forward Josh Smith is seeking a trade from the team, according to report.

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According to Yahoo! Sports Adrian Wojnarowski, Atlanta Hawks power forward Josh Smith is still seeking a trade from the team, and in this topsy-turvy limbo time before the start of the shortened season, he may just get his wish.

Smith is under the impression that he's "run his course" with the team and is in need of a fresh start, even though the Hawks have made the playoffs the last few years running. Executives around the league had been told that essentially every player is available for deals, per GM Rick Sund according to Wojnarowski. There were some hot and heavy discussions between Atlanta and the Timberwolves for around the 2011 draft, though they ultimately were fruitless talks.

As Peachtree Hoops points out, Smith turns 26 on Monday, and remains one of the most productive players in the NBA. Seems like a guy the team would want to have around:

One would think that a franchise would do everything in its power to find the right combination of coaching to maximize Smith's talents rather than throwing in the towel and dealing him away in his prime, especially if such a deal brings back 75 cents on the dollar.

If Smith and the Hawks can't reconcile their difference he may well be wearing a different uniform once the season starts. Hopefully it won't have to come to that.

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