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Bear And Crimson Updyke, Joe Johnson's Jewelry, And Ramon Sessions Trade Rumors: Around The Perimeter

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SEC: Harvey Updyke, the Toomer's Corner tree-poisoner, does indeed appear to have named his son Bear and his daughter Crimson. Certain corners of the internet also allege their middle names are Bryant and Tide, respectively, which does not sound one bit farfetched to me.

These findings are only hilarious because of what Updyke allegedly did -- Bear is an excellent name for a boy, and the name Crimson, while dangerously strippery, is pretty and unique. Unless Crimson is really a male. Then I have no answers for you.

Nothing hilarious about Updyke's family getting death threats from Auburn fans, of course.

Also, somebody's taken the Twitter handle @KeethStone, using it to do a far more authentic job of pitching Keystone Light beer than the actual company pitchman's branded social media efforts. It's nothing but Auburn and Alabama jokes -- if you're drinking Keystone Light, you're making Auburn and Alabama jokes, not talking about Keystone Light.

Hawks: Deadspin has some thing stirred up about Joe Johnson allegedly not paying for jewelry he copped from a Wisconsin jeweler. He's currently being sued for allegedly not paying for the $75,000 in rocks and interest and, uh, shipping and handling charges, I guess. Whatever.

Also, the Hawks might be interested in trading for the Cleveland Cavaliers' Ramon Sessions, who did severe work against the Los Angeles Lakers the other night.

Dawgs: College baseball season! That's happening right now! Team Speed Kills has a Georgia Bulldogs baseball preview. Four-word version: better than last year.

This has been your daily-ish circling of the Atlanta sports blogosphere and more. If you have anything that belongs here next time, holler. To ride with us again tomorrow or so, follow @SBNAtlanta on Twitter.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.