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Ramon Sessions Trade Rumors Have Hawks, Knicks, Blazers Interested In Cavs Guard

Ramon Sessions, Cleveland Cavaliers point guard, has been the subject of multiple trade rumors that involve the Atlanta Hawks. CBS Sports’ Ken Berger first reported the Hawks may be interested in acquiring Sessions, with Peachtree Hoops adding analysis shortly after.

While no Hawks have been mentioned as potential trade items in this rumor, Peachtree Hoops thinks a pairing of Jeff Teague and Mo Evans could work out for both teams. Yahoo! Sports reports the Hawks are offering a second-round pick, but that that won’t be enough.

The Portland Trail Blazers and New York Knicks are also reportedly in the running for Sessions.

While he would make more of an impact than Teague has as Atlanta heads into a playoff run, it’s hard to say how much of an upgrade he’d be over Mike Bibby. He can’t shoot from deep like Bibby can, but if we here backed up by Al Horford and Josh Smith instead of … whoever plays for Cleveland, he could provide a boost to Atlanta’s defense.

He’s also the guy that had that big game against the Lakers earlier this week.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.