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Lakers Vs. Hawks: Kobe Bryant's Lakers Destroying Hawks 54-33 At Half

Is the All-Star Break over yet? It doesn't seem like the Atlanta Hawks wouldn't know.

Derek Fisher has 10 points and Lamar Odom has nine to lead the Los Angeles Lakers to a 54-33 lead over the Atlanta Hawks at the break.

Joe Johnson collected 10 points and Al Horford has nine for Atlanta, which is flat out getting destroyed at the Staples Center.

How bad have the Hawks played in their last second to last game before the trade deadline? Mike Bibby fouled Steve Blake at half court with 0.2 seconds left to give the Lakers two free throw tries. That bad. Just odious.

You should know better than to touch a Lakers player at the Staples Center. The pro-Lakers ref are all too ready to blow any whistle they can.

About the only positive thing to come out of this one is that Josh Powell got his championship ring before the game. His old team is playing like champions. The Hawks? They're losing just about every possible battle.

Los Angeles shot 55-percent (18-for-33) in the first 24 minutes, while Atlanta mustered a 34-percent (13-for-38) performance from the field. Atlanta has been outrebounded 27-15 and are 1-for-12 from behind the 3-point arc.

I'm not sure where Josh Smith's head is, but it's not in this game. He must be looking at the Lakers girls or staring at Jack Nicholson or the other stars in the crowd. He has two points on 1-for-4 shooting in the first half with just three rebounds. You know it's going to be a terrible night for the Hawks when half of Smith's shots come from 3-point range. That's exactly what happened in the first half. Obviously, he missed both shots.

Atlanta needs to show up in the second  half or I'm going back to sleep. What a terrible way to wake up from a nap.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.