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Jamal Crawford Contract: Hawks Will Make Attempt To Re-Sign?

After showing little interest in signing Jamal Crawford to a contract extension, Hawks General Manager Rick Sund tells the AJC's Michael Cunningham that Atlanta will indeed consider offering Crawford a contract once there is a new collective bargaining agreement in place.

Sund also said that after not trading Jamal Crawford’s expiring contract the Hawks would attempt to re-sign him: “I’ve said from Day One I’m a big fan of Jamal. Once we figure out what the new [CBA] rules are we will do everything in our power to re-sign him.”

Crawford's contract was thought to have been a valuable trade chip leading up to the trade deadline but Atlanta chose not to use it. Reportedly the Hawks received some calls on Crawford but chose to hold onto the reigning NBA Sixth Man of the Year. 

It remains to be seen just how much power Rick Sund and the Hawks will have when it comes to Crawford. Jamal has let it be known that he wanted to stay in Atlanta but wanted to sign an extension that would have fallen under the current CBA rules and likely would be for more money than Crawford will command this off-season. Player salaries are expected to decline under the new CBA and a player like Crawford will be hard pressed to get another contract anywhere close to the 10 million he is making this season.

Even with that, Crawford will draw interest from other clubs and may not be willing to give Atlanta any discounts after being forced to wait until the off-season for an offer. The Hawks already have a substantial amount committed in salaries next season and may need a trade to help free up some money for Crawford. 

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.