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Philadelphia 76ers Vs. Atlanta Hawks: Elton Brand Dominates, Sixers Take 33-15 Lead Through One

The final three minutes of the first period were not much better than the first nine for the Atlanta Hawks.  The Atlanta defense is simply as late arriving as the Philips Arena crowd.

This one is just brutal through the first 12 minutes. How bad, you ask? Well. Atlanta somehow managed to turn the ball over on a double dribble while calling a time out. Yes. Seriously.

Atlanta seemed content just to lay back on defense. The attack wasn't there and the Sixers just slashed and jumped their way to a 61-percent first quarter from the field.  As is generally the case, it's Atlanta's lack of desire to attack the paint that has allowed the easy buckets in transition.  

To put this one in perspective: Philadelphia did not commit a foul until there were 45.4 left in the first quarter.  If that's not an indication at how non-existent the Hawks inside game has been, I don't know what is.

Elton Brand leads all scorers with 11 points as Atlanta has struggled in just about every facet of basketball. They were outrebound 14-4 in the first quarter, turned the ball over seven times and shot 35-percent (6-for-17) from the field.  That won't get the job done against most NBA teams, even if they are below .500 like the Sixers. 

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.