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Hawks at Bulls Score: Derrick Rose posts 28 as Chicago Opens Up A 72-60 Lead Through Three

Derrick Rose was having trouble getting anything going from the field. So what does he do? He goes inside, draws some fouls and goes to the free throw line. If only the Atlanta Hawks figured out they can do the same thing, too.

Rose has 28 points, including 12 from the charity stripe and Luol Deng added 16 to lead the Chicago Bulls to a 72-60 lead through three quarters.

Jamal Crawford has 14 points and Josh Smith 12 for Atlanta, which has attempted just 10 free throws and made just five.

As we discussed at the intermission, the Hawks were red-hot from the perimeter in the second quarter. They were shooting at a 63-percent clip in the frame. But once the shots stopped falling, Atlanta predictably fell into those bad habits that lose them ballgames. Jacking up jumpers without much of a prayer at a rebound.

Rose and the Bulls took advantage. The Bulls lead by as many as 13 in the frame and are destroying the Hawks in the paint. Atlanta's going to need another spirited comeback from the abyss if they are going to beat Chicago tonight. They had just 10 points in the third quarter, which won't get it done even in the WNBA.

Start attacking the post guys, otherwise, just throw in the towel.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.