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Dominique Wilkins Fight Prompts Atlanta Hawks Statement After Orlando Magic Game

Dominique Wilkins got in a fight with Rashan Michel, a former NBA and college basketball referee, after Wednesday night’s Atlanta Hawks game against the Orlando Magic. Michel swung at Wilkins in the chest, punched a security guard, and received three Wilkins punches in return. The ref was reportedly upset about money he believed Wilkins owed him for suits.

A statement on the fight by Arthur Triche, team vice president of media relations:

The Atlanta Hawks are aware of a postgame altercation involving a fan who allegedly attacked Vice President of Basketball and television analyst Dominique Wilkins. The fan was promptly arrested and was taken into custody by the Atlanta Police Department. At this time the Hawks have no additional information or comment regarding this situation.

No, I don’t believe there’s video of the fight. Based on accounts, Wilkins acquitted himself well, and is fine. Michel was arrested on one count of simple battery by the Atlanta Police Department.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.