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Rashan Michel Fought Dion Glover At Real Housewives Of Atlanta Event, According To Twitter

Apparently Rashan Michel, the former NBA referee who tried to fight Dominique Wilkins after last night's Atlanta Hawks game, has a history of rolling up on Atlanta basketball players in public, trying to get money for suits. ESPN's Bomani Jones and others on Twitter are sharing stories of Michel trying the same thing (with the same result) on former Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets star Dion Glover at a Real Housewives Of Atlanta screening at Luckie Lounge a few years ago.


Glover also played a few years for the Hawks, and was born and raised in Atlanta.


I can't find any published stories about the supposed fight between Michel and Glover, but plenty of people are bringing up the incident at the first mention of Michel's name. Could be a rumor or legend, but there are a lot of consistent details in there.


What kind of a business model is this? Hand out a suit to an athlete, go to publicly collect in person without sufficient crew, and get dropped? No wonder Hawks coach Lenny Wilkens once publicly complained about this guy.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.