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Rashan Michel Plans To Sue Dominique Wilkins, Hawks After Philips Arena Fight

You try to collect an alleged debt, purportedly throw a punch and get absolutely destroyed by an NBA legend. So what are you going to do Rashan Michel? Sue, of course. It's the American way.

Michel told the gossip site TMZ that Dominique Wilkins threw the first punch in the altercation that left the wannabe clothing tycoon in jail, sporting a nice shiner after the conclusion of the Atlanta Hawks' win over the Orlando Magic on Wednesday night at Philips Arena.

The former NBA ref told the website that he calmly approached "The Human Highlight Film" in an effort to try to work out a payment plan for the $13,000 that 'Nique allegedly owed him for some custom suits. Wilkins responded by hurling an expletive followed by the word you at Michel. Security followed with the take down.

It was only then, Michel claims that 'Nique landed a few sucker punches on Atlanta's most infamous tailor.

The 36-year-old Michel, who spent part of the night in the Fulton County Jail, plans on suing Wilkins and the Hawks and will seek to subpoena the surveillance footage of the beatdown.

Something tells me that the owners of the Hawks -- the Atlanta Spirit -- know a thing or two about lawsuits and will have no problem defending this one.

But if you do manage to get a hold of the surveillance tapes, Mr. Michel, we'd love to see them here at Atlanta SB Nation. We'll make sure that the incident of your brutal beatdown by an NBA legend goes viral around the Internet.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.