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LeBron James Takes His Services To The Gold Room, Gets Sued By Opera

Cleveland Cavaliers fans are not the only ones who are angry with LeBron James. Popular Atlanta hotspot Opera is miffed by the Miami Heat superstar, too. Although, they could do something about it.

According to a report in the AJC, the King, who infamously "took his services to South Beach" double-booked his services to two Atlanta nightclubs on St. Patrick's Day, ultimately spurning Crescent Avenue's Opera in favor of the Gold Room in Buckhead for one of those show up at the club for an hour and make a lot of bucks deals.  

You know -- those lucrative appearances that keep the cash flowing into the hands of low on real talent quasi-stars like Paris Hilton, the cast of "The Real World" and the guidos and guidettes on "Jersey Shore." (Hey, keepin' the poof and payin' for those booze fueled rages isn't cheap for Snooki!)

Opera claims that it had an agreement with James to spend an hour at the club for $25,000. Instead, James -- or more likely his peeps -- pulled the switcheroo. All it took was a hefty $15,000 deposit from the Gold Room for the King to take his services there, instead.

The owners of Opera sued.

What to do LBJ? Fight the suit, pay off Opera, spurn the Gold Room* or maybe even go to both clubs.

Of course James could get some rest and not go out the night before his struggling Heat team takes on the Atlanta Hawks. Who are we kidding? That ain't happening.

Whatever happens, just don't look for any decision to be made live on ESPN this time.

* - The Gold Room is not to be confused with the Gold Club. (Although I think the owners want you to be confused).

Yes. I made the mistake and originally called the Gold Room, the Gold Club. Heck, it's easy to confuse the two. The Gold Room is a dance club in the old building that used to be occupied by the Gold Club. You know, that infamous Atlanta strip club where athletes would make it rain (and get a few extra services along the way).

The building repented by becoming a church before being reborn into the club, for whatever it's worth.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.