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VIDEO: Dwight Howard Draws Technical Foul By Tossing Zaza Pachulia

Dwight Howard got off to a ludicrous start in the NBA playoffs opener between the Atlanta Hawks and Orlando Magic, scoring 32 early points. Of course, the Hawks won the first half, but you wouldn't know it unless you followed unbiased media outlets such as -- well, SB Nation Atlanta, for instance.

The Atlanta native's second quarter didn't turn out quite so well, as he picked up two personal fouls and a tech in a matter of seconds. The last of those two fouls came on the same play, when he fouled Zaza Pachulia over the back while contesting a putback, then supplemented the effort by flinging Z to the floor.

Video via Ben Golliver:

Some complained about Pachulia's physical play immediately before the T, but ... well, yeah. That's the whole point of Zaza Pachulia. Atlanta's strategy of throwing tons of interior fouls at Howard while otherwise letting him do his thing is working, both on the scoreboard and on Howard's temperment.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.