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The Magic Are Not A Good Team When Dwight Howard Scores A Ton Of Points

Sometimes there are just some stats in sports that boggle your mind.

Generally, when a team's superstar like the Los Angeles Lakers' Kobe Bryant or the Chicago Bulls Michael Jordan is feeling it and going to the hoop with authority, the club posts a resounding win. Right?

But according to our friends over at our SB Nation sister blog the Orlando Pinstriped Post, the Orlando Magic are terrible when three-time NBA Defensive Player of the Year Dwight Howard goes off for 33 or more points this season.

How bad? Think Atlanta Thrashers taking 40-plus shots on net bad.

According to our own Evan Dunlap, who has crossed over enemy lines to our website during the playoffs, Howard has gone past the 1/3 century mark seven times this season. The Magic are just 2-5 in those games.

Why is Orlando that bad when their superstar is so good?

It simply boils down to this: when Howard is making his shots, Orlando's perimeter guys are either not taking or missing theirs. Think of the Magic as almost the anti-Atlanta Hawks here.

When Atlanta is very, very good, they are establishing the inside game, which helps them get open looks outside. The Hawks lose when they get lazy, do not establish a post game and settle for jumpers.

Likewise, Orlando has a tendency to get complacent when Howard goes to the hoop. The perimeter game lags and the end result is a Magic defeat.

Keep in mind that I kind of gave you the "Basketball for Dummies" analysis of what is an excellent piece across the line of fire in the enemy's blog.  If you are a stats geek or dare to boggle your mind with a zillion numbers, take a look at Evan's complete report.

Heck, just reading all the Magic fans' whiny comments about their team is well worth jumping over there even if you weren't so good at 10th grade math.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.