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VIDEO: Magic Coach Stan Van Gundy Accuses Hawks Bigs Zaza Pachulia And Jason Collins Of 'Flopping'

There's a lot of flipping and a flopping going according to Orlando Magic coach Stan Van Gundy.

The perturbed Orlando head honcho addressed the Zaza Pachulia-Jason Richardson suspension and other topics following the Magic's shootaround on Saturday afternoon and let's just say that he wasn't too complimentary of the Atlanta Hawks duo that has pestered Orlando superstar Dwight Howard throughout the series.

"It amazes me how many times guys as big as Jason Collins and Zaza Pachulia get knocked down," he told reporters in an interview posted on YouTube by Nubyjas Wilborn of "You'd think they'd be able to stand up a little bit better."

But a sarcastic Van Gundy wasn't quite done berating the two bigs that clearly have gotten under the skin of not only Howard, but also apparently the entire Magic organization at this point in the hotly-contested best-of-seven series.

"I just think Jason Collins and Zaza Pachulia get knocked down a lot for very big guys," Van Gundy added. "I know Jameer (Nelson)'s a real strong guy and I'm sure he ran right through Jason Collins. And Turk actually touched Zaza Pachulia on the chest on a screen and that sent him to the floor. The one thing I learned is that our guys are a lot strong than I think they were."

Of course from Van Gundy's view, Howard who has unleashed a number of vicious elbows after getting fouled hard in the series, could do no wrong.

"If it's physical, it's physical," Van Gundy said. "Great. Dwight would love to go out and play physical. I haven't seen Dwight fall down. Dwight's getting hit all the time. No, really, comeon now. Dwight gets hit every much as Jason Collins and Pachulia get hit. Have you seen Dwight fall down? Flopping to get calls? That's not the way he plays.

"The only frustrating part is when it's physical it gets physical and then guys take a dive and get a call. All I would like to see is let's either play it physical or if we're going to call when a guy barely gets hit and he flops down and lays on the fall, let's call everytime Dwight gets hit, that's all."

Not get the calls? Howard? Seriously coach? What about all those non-calls when Howard gives a little shove here or there or sets an illegal screen?

But what exactly do you expect other than an answer like that from the coach of a team that plays in a city that's built on make believe, fantasy and Mickey Mouse?

If you want to see all of Van Gundy's remarks, here's the video. The good stuff starts at roughly the 3:15 mark.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.