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VIDEO: Charles Barkley Working Out At Crossfit North Atlanta

Charles Barkley is getting into NBA playoff shape at Crossfit North Atlanta, as the following video of him powering through a workout documents. He's been visiting the gym since around the time the postseason began, since he's busy with his day job nearby at TNT anyway. He announced his new venture on TV a week ago, and is evidently sticking to it:

Hurrrr at newcomer Chuck getting outperformed by a veteran female if you're the hurrrr type and have never actually tried doing Crossfit for yourself, but props to him for finishing. The best worst best thing about Crossfit is how you never know when a day's workout will leap out and ruin you, as Barkley said he found out after a recent kettlebell set, according to Crossfit devotee Spencer Hall. 

Actually, the best thing about Crossfit is you can eat all the Taco Bell six-buck hot box of chopped-up rocks meals you want without ballooning up, if you're not all-in on eating paleo.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.