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Magic Scribe Gives Hawks Bulletin Board Material By Calling Them 'Birdbrains'

Yes, he went there.

Orlando Sentential columnist Mike Bianchi created a stir in the Atlanta Hawks locker room on Wednesday after penning a column calling Atlanta's basketball team "mentally fragile" and repeatedly referring to the Hawks as "the Birdbrains" after their 101-76 loss to the Orlando Magic on Tuesday.

Bianchi minced no words in making fun of Atlanta's basketball team.

You want to see something truly Magical?

Watch now as Orlando turns the Atlanta Hawks into the Atlanta Birdbrains.

It's going to happen just as sure as the weather in Orlando this summer will be sunny and hot with a 60 percent chance of afternoon thundershowers. The Magic are going to win this series and the Birdbrains are going to fold up and collapse like a $5 lawn chair. You know it, I know it and deep down in the lonely recesses of their fragile minds, the Birdbrains know it, too.

Oh no, he didn't. Yes, he did.

Let's just say that it didn't take long for Bianchi's column to make the rounds through the Hawks' locker room on Wednesday morning.

Nubyjas Wilborn
In locker room and @ column has apparently become billboard material. As all the players have copies at lockers.

It's bad enough when writers such as myself malign Atlanta's basketball team.

But those writers like myself have actually been around the team for the entire year. To us, the Hawks are like kind of your kid brother. We can pick on them, but when an outsider does. Them are fighting words.

And even if the Hawks have a tendency to turn into "Team Dummy" for jacking up bad jumpers at times as Bianchi suggests; they're our "Team Dummy," thank you very much.

Of course, the Hawks can go a long way of shedding their "soft image" by making the Magic disappear in Game 6 on Thursday night at Philips Arena. Here's to hoping that they use this piece as motivation and Bianchi can go back to writing about Gulf League Coast Baseball, Mickey Mouse or whatever else goes on in the sporting world in that one-major sport town of Orlando in the off-season.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.