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VIDEO: Josh Smith Taunts Mike Bianchi After 'Birdbrain' Trollery

Orlando Sentinel troll Mike Bianchi wrote a message board comment that a newspaper accidentally published earlier this week, in which he employed a wordplay trick to refer to the Atlanta Hawks as "birdbrains," because their mascot is a pile of gooey brains. Wait, I'm told it's a bird. He called Hawks players too stupid to beat the Magic, a team named after a cartoon rat.

Hawks players welcomed the extra motivation, with Larry Drew pinning the scrawling to their lockers. After the Hawks eliminated the Magic Thursday night, Josh Smith had a few words for Bianchi: 


That's both "In yo face!" and "In your face," if you're scoring at home, as Smoove is not one to leave any question as to his motives. Calling the Hawks stupid is perhaps the laziest thing I've seen a columnist do -- does stupidity really define Atlanta's worst moments? They can fold, they can quit and they can collapse, but I'm still amazed Bianchi called the team dumb only to force an association with his middle-school play on their nickname.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.