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Kirk Hinrich Injury Healing; Larry Drew Doubtful Of Chicago Return

Kirk Hinrich's right hamstring injury has started to show signs of improvement, enabling the former Atlanta Hawks starting point guard to work through "very simple" exercises. He doesn't want to discount the possibility of suiting up for Sunday's potential Game 7, but coach Larry Drew is doubtful Hinrich will be able to make it back in time ... for this series DUN DUN DUN.

Not that Hinrich's defensive contributions wouldn't be invaluable in helping to contain Derrick Rose while giving Jeff Teague frequent breaks, but it would be awkward to see Hinrich back in the lineup and coming off the bench so soon after holding the starting job. He ... he would be coming off the bench, right?

The Hawks might already be out of this series if it weren't for Teague. Hinrich may have been able to do just as good a job against his former team as Teague has, but I'd be nervous about what coach Drew might do with a healthy Hinrich at this point in the year. That said, here's hoping he can return to play more basketball with the Hawks this postseason.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.