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Today Show's Wake Forest Story: Jeff Teague Accused Of Standing Outside During Sexual Assault

On the May 19 edition of the Today Show, Atlanta Hawks point guard Jeff Teague was accused of standing outside a Miami hotel bathroom in March 2009 while Wake Forest Demon Deacons teammate Gary Clark sexually assaulted a female student and band member named Maggie Hurt. Though charges against Clark were dropped, Hurt says the university did a poor job of investigating her allegations.

According to Hurt, Teague led her into a hotel room, then she and Clark entered a bathroom after someone pushed her -- the police report filed in May did not mention anyone pushing her. She says Teague then shut the door, waited outside and walked her back to the room afterwards. Mike Clark, the lawyer representing the players, claims she'd been drinking and had had sex a few hours earlier in another bathroom with a male cheerleader.

The university responded with a statement:

Wake Forest University treats every student with integrity and compassion. Cases alleging sexual misconduct are among the most complex faced by university judicial systems. Wake Forest University personnel adhere to well-established policies and procedures that apply equally to all students, including both the victim and the accused. The University adheres to federal law that prevents us from discussing the details of this case but we feel strongly that the University's response to the described incident has been misrepresented. 

Hurt claimed she was warned by the university against taken the alleged incident to the police.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.