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Reminder: Jason Terry Is Better Than Antoine Walker

The Atlanta Hawks once traded Jason Terry, Alan Henderson and a No. 1 pick to the Dallas Mavericks for Antoine Walker and Tony Delk. If you're not watching ABC right now, Terry has bombed six three-pointers and looks likely to help Dallas slam the door on the Los Angeles Lakers dynasty.

At the time, that trade didn't seem like all that awful of a deal, but Terry has developed into a solid point guard for a perennial Western Conference contender, while Atlanta only last week (literally!) finally found a potential long-term solution at the position, depending on Larry Drew's whims.

But, again, Atlanta can be sort of excused for giving up on Terry prematurely, though perhaps it was the change of scenery that gave his career a second life. In which case, you're welcome, Dallas! Here are Terry's seasons ranked by win shares per 48 minutes, via Basketball Reference:


Season Team WS/48


2006-07 DAL 0.182


2004-05 DAL 0.171


2005-06 DAL 0.165


2007-08 DAL 0.16


2008-09 DAL 0.14


2001-02 ATL 0.139


2009-10 DAL 0.123


2002-03 ATL 0.116


2010-11 DAL 0.1


2000-01 ATL 0.1


2003-04 ATL 0.08


1999-00 ATL 0.047

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.