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NBA Power Rankings: Hawks Land In Top 10 On Several Lists

The 13-5 Atlanta Hawks have had an incredibly strong start to their 2011-12 season. The latest round of power rankings shows them earning respect from various national sports outlets.

The latest round of NBA power rankings is in and the Atlanta Hawks are faring quite well in nearly all of them. With the season now a quarter of the way over, the Hawks hold a 13-5 record and have won nine of their last eleven games.

In the latest SB Nation power rankings, Tom Ziller places the Hawks at No. 8 overall, just behind the San Antonio Spurs and above the Memphis Grizzlies in the Top 10.

The Hawks aren't just treading water without Al Horford: they are bobbing above the water and possibly playing with a beach ball, as well.

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CBS Sports places the Hawks out of the top 10, putting them at No. 12 overall.

ESPN has the Hawks at No.9, up three spots from the previous week. has the Hawks at No. 10, also up three spots from last week.

Pro Basketball Talk puts the Hawks at No.8.

Fox Sports places the Hawks at No. 11 and drops them five whole slots to make room for big gainers (in their eyes) the Mavericks and the Lakers.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.