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Let The Monta Ellis To The Atlanta Hawks Trade Rumors Commence, Again

Its that time of year again, where personnel moves are gossiped about like pre-teens do in middle school. The NBA trade deadline is approaching (March 15th) and salacious trade rumors will fly across the internet, radio and television in ways that could make any fan's head spin. Of course, this would only be an issue if many of us didn't enjoy the rumor mill as much as we did. do you feel about Monta Ellis becoming a member of the Atlanta Hawks?

The Atlanta Hawks have always been ripe for potential trades by other teams, and with most desirable commodities being Joe Johnson and Josh Smith, a top-notch asset would have to be considered in return to the Hawks. Rusty Simmons of speculated Golden State's interest in Joe Johnson, with a swap of Monta Ellis. Would this trade really help Atlanta? I'll let the folks at Peachtree Hoops analyze it.

Jason Walker, Peachtree Hoops: It's not going to be 'are you tired of trade talk?' because I know the answer, and it won't matter until the trade deadline passes March 15.

No, the question is how you regard Ellis, who is an explosive scorer, but does lack on the defensive end. Now, balance that regard against the stunning financial commitment still due Joe and the fact that Ellis will likely terminate his contract after 2 years. Would you do it?

And what would you want from the Warriors if Rick Sund was determined to deal Smoove?

Josh Smith has been on a tear as of late, and with Horford out for the season, it seems that "Smoove" would be off-limits. Of course, I'm not the general manager, and Rick Sund could always pull a trick out of his sleeve.

For more insights and commentary on the Atlanta Hawks, check out Peachtree Hoops. For more news and notes on the NBA, head over to SB Nation's NBA page.

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