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NBA Power Rankings 2012: How Will The Trade Deadline Affect The Atlanta Hawks?

The Atlanta Hawks roster and potential trade rumors have been run through the mill in recent weeks, and will look to continue as there are 10 days remaining until the March 15th trade deadline. From Marvin Williams and Kirk Hinrich to Josh Smith and Joe Johnson, it seems that no one has been immune from a potential relocation from Atlanta. SB Nation's NBA Columnist Tom Ziller recently released his MVP Rankings on Monday, and the Hawks come in at No. 14.

14. Atlanta Hawks 22-15 W: MIL, OKC; L: GS Peachtree Hoops
Barring another major injury or some shake-up trades in the ATL, the Hawks aren't going to get caught by the Knicks, and maybe not the Celtics, either. Given the outlook when Al Horford went down, that's some kind of minor miracle.

A point about Horford, which could serve as a huge roster addition for a team that has had their depth chart tested this season. Could this team be any different than what we've seen in previous years? With the emergence of Jeff Teague and veteran additions like Tracy McGrady and Willie Green, the Hawks could look to be a tough out in the East.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.