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NBA Trade Deadline 2012: Josh Smith Wants Out Of Altanta, According To Report

As the March 15 NBA trade deadline draws closer, the Atlanta Hawks are still evaluating what they'll need to do in order to keep their team in the playoff hunt. The team will be without Al Horford for the remainder of the regular season, so will need to pursue a potential trade if they're looking to improve.

Michael Cunningham of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Hawks star Josh Smith has expressed a desire to be traded.

By the end of last season Smith wanted out of Atlanta because he believed he was singled out for unfair criticism by coaches and media. Those concerns have died down for the most part this season but now Smith believes he needs a fresh start with a franchise where he can better reach his potential on and off the court, according to one of the people with knowledge of Smith's thinking.

The person said one of Smith's complaints is that he believes the Hawks didn't do enough to promote him for selection to the All-Star team.

Smith has put up fantastic numbers for the Hawks this season, but he may be the best piece that Atlanta has to offer in order to get enough help to reach the playoffs in return.

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