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2012 NBA Draft Grades: Atlanta Hawks Earn A 'C' For Not Moving Josh Smith

SB Nation's Andrew Sharp has a breakdown of every draft class from the Eastern Conference, including the Atlanta Hawks, who entered last night's 2012 NBA Draft under the guidance of new G.M. Danny Ferry. Let's see what Sharp thought of Ferry's first moves in Atlanta:

Atlanta Hawks

Selected SG John Jenkins no. 23, PF Mike Scott no. 43

John Jenkins was a great pick in the 20s, but Josh Smith is still sitting in Atlanta, and this week would have been the perfect opportunity for ATL to deal him for as many picks as possible, replacing him with any of the 10 different freakishly athletic wing players that went between 10 and 40 Thursday night. Jenkins will be good, but it feels like the Hawks missed an opportunity. GRADE: C.

So basically, Sharp isn't so much critical of the Jenkins pick, but rather Atlanta's inaction on the trading market to free up more picks for the 2012 and future drafts.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.