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Atlanta Thrashers at Anaheim Ducks: Score - Ducks Lead 3-2 After Two

Positive thoughts? Chris Thorburn has goal number three on the year, making him the Thrashers’ leading scorer. Negative thoughts? Defense being unaware of Teemu Selanne amongst other Ducks. The Anaheim goals have come on Mason’s doorstep with a quick pass and a shot, and all of these could have been prevented with attention paid to positioning. This is what the Thrashers called out as an issue from the last game, and it’s concerning that it hasn’t been remedied quite yet.

The penalty kill is also a concern, with two of the Ducks’ three goals coming on the PK. Atlanta has had a majority of its issues either up a man or down a man this season, and the kinks haven’t been worked out just yet.

The third period is gearing up to start. Here’s hoping the Thrashers make up for lost ground, or else put Chris Thorburn out for every shift.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.