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Black Players Helping Thrashers Out; Line Combinations for 10/27/10

Interesting article by Dan Rosen of regarding players of African descent and the Atlanta Thrashers. A bit late to the party on this one, but it’s nice to read an article that involves quotes from the players.

“It’s definitely something I’ve never been a part of before and it just shows the direction that hockey is going,” Kane told “There are a lot of diverse players in the League and there’s going to be a lot more, I think.”

Honestly, if you consider diversity something more than skin color, the NHL is the most diverse out of the major leagues. Players of Korean, Japanese, Inuit, and even Nigerian descent play for the league, not to mention countless players from Europe – even Ireland is represented with Owen Nolan.

Big Buff takes a pragmatic approach to it, that will probably become standard as diversity is just another word for "normal:

“We’re just part of a team and that’s it,” Byfuglien told “You can’t look at it any differently. You just gotta go out there, know who your teammates are and play hockey still.”

Marty Biron will be in net tonight for the Rangers. No word yet on Atlanta line combos, but it appears that coach Craig Ramsay tweaked them again.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.