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Boston Bruins at Atlanta Thrashers: Dollar Hot Dogs And Falcons Fans

An early game start time and a quick Falcons game might make for a decent end of a double-header crowd here at Philips Arena tonight. The pre-game chat with Rich Peverley and a discussion with Matt McConnell had one unifying theme (and one thing that I could take away with me – thanks to my constant bronchitis level coughing I was unable to ask much). That theme was that this might be the best and most consistent Thrashers team in recent memory.

I did ask about Chris Mason hopping off of the bench sometime soon, and (as expected) the reply was that Masonry’ll probably be used in one of the back to backs that the Thrashers have coming up in December, but it’s best not to break up Ondrej Pavelec’s mojo.

The Carolina Hurricanes took out the Bruins Friday night with just 21 shots on goal by a score of 3-0. Tim Thomas let three go by him. His last start, Tuukka Rask allowed three goals on 36 shots to the Tampa Bay Lightning. The Bruins lost, 3-1. The Bruins haven’t scored four goals since November 18th. Way to win? Give Pavelec goal support that Rask probably won’t get from his own team.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.