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Lightning Coach Guy Boucher Speaks To Lightning Insider Blog About Strategy

Everything that Guy Boucher said in his interview with the Lightning Insider Blog is spot on when it comes to how the Bolts need to (and have been) defeating the Thrashers.

On the Lightning side, Boucher said Lightning need more[shooting from the point] from their blue line. He spoke at length about defensemen shooting, even going as far as to say if there isn’t a clear shot, shooting the puck off the back boards. It may not be a pretty play, but he said if there is a good bounce the net is usually always open if the Lightning can be the first on the puck. Victor Hedman has been doing a great job at this recently. Boucher didn’t know the specific number, but he said the Bolts have scored a number of goals that way this season.

As someone who owns season tickets right behind the Thrashers’ defend twice side, I can validate what Boucher has said. It works. A lot. The Thrashers have been traditionally bad at covering the open side of the net, both on offense and defense.

Boucher basically telegraphed his entire plan to beat the Thrashers tonight. Hopefully coach Craig Ramsay has the blog bookmarked.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.