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New York Islanders At Atlanta Thrashers: Atlanta Thrashers Fan Club Well Wishes For Jim Slater

Members of the Atlanta Thrashers Fan Club received this e-mail from president Lisa Lewis this afternoon, and I wanted to pass the word on to those of you who might not be members of the league’s biggest fan club:

It has become apparent that the time table for the return of Jim Slater is still lingering. Since he has been on IR for so long already, we need to start sending him well wishes to help lift his spirits. Hearing from the fans always helps the guys feel much better and we should do our part to help. If you would like to get Slater a get well card, you can drop them off at the fan cub table at tonight’s game or Thursday nights game and we will get them over to him this weekend.

You may also email a well wish back to this email to him and we will print them off to give to him.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.