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A Suggestion To Help The Thrashers Stay In Atlanta

From the commenter “Joe Friday” on today’s AJC Thrashers Blog written by Rawhide has a very valid point regarding how fans can help try their best to keep the team put – write to the powers that be and appeal to their basest sensibilities: taxes. The loss of the Thrashers doesn’t just lead to loss of revenue for Atlanta Spirit , the concession companies, and even the parking lots around the arena – it’s a loss of tax dollars to the city of Atlanta. He’s posted a form letter in the comments directed at Atlanta mayor Kasim Reed, complete with e-mail address and address.

I’m not sure if directing this at Governor Nathan Deal and the NHL front office would be impactful, but sending it to Reed might bend his ear a little bit.

email to:
fill out form for Gov:,2657,165937316_166563415,00.html#
fill out form for NHL:

Dear Mr. Mayor,

You are probably hearing from fans and media about the problems with the Atlanta Thrashers. The ownership group in control
knows little about hockey and has been losing money, and has mismanaged the team.

This has caused low attendance due to fans being turned off by the ownership group, a group who met with the fans and told
them to "deal with it!" if they didn’t like how the team was being run. Imagine if you said that during your campaign, the voters
would deal with it, by NOT voting for you. Fans have voted NO against the Thrashers’ owners by staying away.

But there’s fans in this town and I’m afraid that if you and other local politicians don’t use your bully pulpit to try to save the team,
that we’ll lose them. You may not be a hockey fan, and you may not care about them, but I’m sure they provide a good tax revenue
base for the city, and it will be lost if these current owners don’t find a new local buyer to buy the team.

Please look into this, I’m free to speak with you or your staff to answer questions, but please step in.


Joe Friday

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.