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Anson Carter Among Atlanta Thrashers' Potential Buyers, According To Report

Anson Carter, a 10-year NHL veteran who played the bulk of his years for the Boston Bruins, is part of a group interested in buying the Atlanta Thrashers, according to the smarmy Edmonton Journal, which huffs and puffs about the implausibility of an Atlanta resident who's made a career of pro hockey allegedly wanting to be a part of Atlanta's pro hockey team. It just doesn't add up!

Born in Canada of Barbadian descent, Carter left the NHL in 2007. He also runs his own entertainment label and a clothing company that regularly donates to Africa. Oh, and he was nicknamed Dancin' Anson. Oh, and he was once named Vancouver's Most Exciting Player. All of which sounds sufficiently Atlanta to me. How about you?

You mad, Edmonton? Carter played in almost 700 games in his NHL career, scoring 202 goals and 421 points.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.