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Thrashers Trade Winger Fredrik Modin To Calgary For Seventh Round Pick

To finish flushing out players whose signings displeased me this summer, the Thrashers have traded Fredrik Modin to the Calgary Flames for a 7th round draft pick. Modin has seven goals and three assists for the season, but is also a defensive liability at a -11.

Ben Wright hypothesized that Modin’s role will be taken over by Radek Dvorak on the third line, and it stands to reason that Schremp is an upgrade for both Tim Stapleton and potentially over Niclas Bergfors, depending on his scoring. Dudley possibly has improved the team and made them slightly bigger and more solid for the PK, while not doing drastically much, as of yet, to improve scoring or to replace the missing faceoffs won by Jim Slater.

To the record, the players I was disappointed that we signed this summer were Ben Eager, Nigel Dawes, and Fredrik Modin, in that order – oddly enough, the order that they were shipped out.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.