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Thrashers Cut Into Lead, Still Down By Three To Buffalo Sabres

There was some fight in the Thrashers during the first half of the second period. Forechecking, puck possession, actually staying in Buffalo’s zone… it was swell. It was also rewarded by a goal from Alexander Burmistrov, his first in thirty-three games. Burmie’s goal was scored from the same odd angle that Chris Thorburn’s goal was scored from in the first period.

After that goal, the Thrashers seemed to deflate. A goal that came as a result of constant whacking at the puck just before the net came off its moorings put Buffalo up 4-2. Chris Mason, who replaced Ondrej Pavelec, argued that the net was off and that he was pushed, but to no avail.

Zach Bogosian’s flub at the blueline allowed Tyler Ennis to steal the puck and fly to the net just almost two minutes after the previous goal. Ennis scored as Bogosian’s stick went flying past him. Whether it was frustration, trying to prevent the goal, or an accident, Bogosian was upset and took it out on the door to the bench after his shift.

The Thrashers have one more period to get this game back on track, or else the road ahead will be six points instead of the possible two. Six points with ten games left will be a tough mountain to climb.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.