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Thrashers Vs. Islanders Score: Outshooting Islanders 28-7; Lead 2-1

The Thrashers haven’t been accused of not taking shots on goal as of late, and with the Isles’ generally porous defense, they’ve gotten a game’s worth in just two periods.

Speaking of porous defense, John Tavares was allowed to camp out next to the Thrashers’ goal, waiting for a rebound. The Thrashers have had issues in clearing the crease off and on all season, and this was a good example of why – no one was willing to shove Tavares or at least screen him – they stayed in the safe area in front of the net. He got one with Mason far out in front at 1:38 of the second period. Chris Mason has only seen seven shots, with four coming in the second period.

Rob Schremp scored against his former team by deflecting a shot in off of Al Montoya’s pads. Montoya was too far into the net, and when he went down in the butterfly it caught the puck and flipped it up behind him into his own goal. Regardless of how it happened, the power play netted a goal, and Schremp was congratulated by his current team for showing his old one what-for.

If the Thrashers keep up the pressure and choose their shooting locations more carefully, they might be able to get one more past Montoya. To his credit, the Islanders’ goaltender has been excellent tonight. Dealing with 28 shots over just two periods is some tough work, and he has another period to go.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.