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Hawks Reportedly Up For $240 Million As Thrashers Fans Wait On John Kincade's 'The Balkan'

The Atlanta Hawks are on the market for $240 million, according to a tweet by Forbes' Mike Ozanian. The deal would include the Philips Arena lease, but apparently not the Atlanta Thrashers. That's a mighty low number for a NBA franchise, but there's a lot of debt to rearrange here. The Hawks are worth $295 million according to a 2011 Forbes valuation.

So could 680 The Fan radio personality John Kincade's mysterious "The Balkan" character emerge to break up the Philips duo, as far as ownership goes? Or is that supposed to be an additional offer, separate from whatever offer may or may not be being made on the Thrashers?

Before the weekend began Kincade tweeted that the shadowy figure would introduce himself to, well, people, but not reveal himself publicly. He also said two months ago that it would "very soon" be reported that the team would enter an exclusive negotiating period with a potential buyer.

According to some internet chatter, "The Balkan" is indeed a real person who hails from up north, attended a Big Ten school -- with the Michigan schools being the most-chattered -- and is partnered with foreign money in some fashion. According to other internet chatter, he is a gimmick or a bored Arthur Blank.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.